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Destroy Black Magic


Symptoms Caused by Black Magic

Following are common categories of problems or consequences that result from black magic.

Breaking Up a Couple / Divorce

This is the most common issue. It is mentioned in the Quran and is an example of how much evil can come from sorcery:

فَيَتَعَلَّمُونَ مِنۡهُمَا مَا يُفَرِّقُونَ بِهِۦ بَيۡنَ ٱلۡمَرۡءِ وَزَوۡجِهِ

“…They learned from them the means to cause separation between man and wife …”

– Surah Al Baqarah (The Cow) 2 Verse 102

Two symptoms are specifically representative of it:

  • the couple argues for no reason, loving each other when far from one another and arguing as soon as they get back together
  • the woman can no longer bear sexual intercourse nor find sexual pleasure

These symptoms would suddenly occur after a period of normal common life or even before the beginning of common life.

Common arguments are different from the ones due to black magic as they are based on real and understandable issues that can be handled through reasoning and dialogue with or without a marriage counselor. The two symptoms previously mentioned are very characteristic of black magic. Black magic does not exclude real problems within the couple, but it will make it impossible to properly resolve them. Eventually, if nothing is done to stop them, disputes can worsen and end up in destroying the love within the couple, reaching a point of no return – especially if the couples’ families get involved. It is therefore important to diagnose black magic as early as possible to control its drawbacks.

In addition, black magic may be used to prevent the wife from having children or the man from having sexual intercourse. This may happen in various ways: the wife may have no periods or never gets pregnant, or she is victim of miscarriages after a few days or months of the pregnancy, or the baby might die before birth, or the husband will have no erection or will lose it when approaching his wife or even during intercourse. The patient in need of a cure must honestly explain all issues so they can be fully understood and resolved.

Preventing Work / Finding a Job

In this case, a victim meets all requirements for a job but for no valid reason, each of his attempts fails. The job may be promised, due or guaranteed, but something will happen so it does not work out, or the person will face a lack of energy or ambition.

Stopping Studies

This can happen in various ways: the student cannot think but only learn by heart; he will forget everything; he will get headaches whenever he tries to study; problems occur whenever taking an exam; he thinks he will succeed but his results are just below the required score, etc.

Health Problems

Black magic may cause severe health issues. We have mentioned women’s sterility and men’s sexual impotence. Black magic can also cause cancer, hemophilia, diabetes, the failure of kidneys or ovaries, water in lungs, hair loss, eczema, Psoriasis (dandruff). Doctors do not understand their cause and have no appropriate treatment for it. The medical responses are:  “Nothing irregular in the body, everything is alright”. But the person keeps suffering. They’d say: “There is a problem but we have never come across such one.” or “It’s stress” and they prescribe anti-depressant drugs that create another problem without solving the former one. They’d say that the patient has such and such illness but they “don’t understand what caused it”.  In all cases, there is no treatment or the treatment is not effective.


The person loses complete motivation. He will constantly postpone things, sleep all the time, start taking action on something but soon after give up, etc.

Madness and Death

The person will lose his grip, doubt everything and everyone, speak alone, think they are someone else, see things, make connections between all kinds of things, etc. Regarding death, the person will be tempted to commit suicide and feel something is pushing them to a window, or will want to cut their veins with a knife, take lethal drugs, or throw themselves under a running car, etc. They may also experience very dangerous accidents and close escapes.

Fake love

The person, man or woman, is not in love with the other person but is obsessed about him or her, constantly thinking of them, and starts seeing them everywhere. The victim might think they are truly in love whereas there is no real affinity or logical reason for that person to be attracted to the other person. Often there is an interest in the person to marry the other one (the victim) for material reasons, e.g. money and/or the US green card. Sometimes, it is the interest of a third party, e.g. a mother, who does black magic on a wealthy guy so that he’ll want to marry her daughter.


The person will obey the sorcerer or the person who requested the sorcery with no questions asked. They will not resist or express disagreement to the sorcerer or requester. This kind of sorcery is used in many cases, e.g. to financially exploit someone; a wife who wants to dominate her husband, or vice-versa; a mother who wants to lead her children to happiness; or when a sorcerer wants to use someone to carry out his black magic. This type of black magic can also be combined with the fake love black magic mentioned above.

Disobeying Children

Sorcery affecting children mostly has an influence on their behavior and studies. The child will repeatedly get into mischief and will not stop regardless of punishment. The child himself does not understand what is happening to him and feels thrown into mischief and is unable to behave.

Black Magic in the House, Work or Car

This goal of black magic may cause disputes in the house and car accidents. At work, it can also bring about disputes, cause a decrease in activity and result in accidents. Black magic can also be directed to any object, e.g. it may be the cause of car breakdowns.


The coming of black magic is often announced in a dream, e.g. the person is bitten by an animal, hurt by someone or falls endlessly. He may also see snakes, dead people or graveyards. He may also see the perpetrator harming him. According to Ben Halima Abderraouf, based on his experience, these types of dreams are always a sign of black magic.

Inherited Black Magic

In this case, a child gets the black magic from the mother’s womb. This generally goes along with weak health for the child, disobedience and refusal to learn / study. The child may be very rebellious until the late teenage years. As it is not meant for them in the first place, inherited sorcery has random effects on children. On the other hand, if sorcery is directed to a pregnant woman with the aim of killing or spoiling the child, the child may become handicapped.

Conditional Black Magic

Black magic can also take effect only when certain conditions are met or events occur, e.g. the couple will break up after the birth of their first child, the husband will lose his job every time his wife joins him, etc.

Other Symptoms

  • Imprisonment: the person will never or rarely leave their home
  • Loss of money: the person will keep losing money, or if he earns money, he will not earn any more until he has spent all his money
  • Irritation
  • Unbalanced personality: the person will constantly experience changes in decisions, ideas, or moods.
  • Pathological doubt, fear and anguish
  • Endless streak of problems and misfortunes in life.

People also use black magic to succeed in life, e.g. in order to get good a job, to succeed in studies, to obtain a drivers license, to win a court case, to attract clients, etc. This is obviously forbidden and puts one out of Islam, just as “evil” black magic is. This type of black magic is not discussed on this website as the people doing it are not seeking a cure.

There is no limit to what can be programmed through black magic.

Reactions to Listening to the Quran

We can also interpret the reactions of a person who listens to the Quran to help with diagnosis. Following are common reactions:

Feeling of Heat

The most typical reaction of black magic is heat in the whole body which means the black magic is burning.

Feeling that Something is Exiting the Body

The person may also feel things exiting from his body which means the black magic is leaving.

Feeling Relaxed, Sleepy

If the person is relaxed, calm and falls asleep, this may mean two things:

  • the black magic has been placed in him to make him nervous and the Quran reduces the effect of the black magic and causes the person to relax
  • the black magic has been made so he is constantly tired such that even if he sleeps, he will wake up tired. He then rests and falls a sleep.

Uncontrollable Moving, Speaking

If the person moves or speaks against his will, he is possessed by one or more jinn.


If the person has a headache, it is due to jinn in or outside the body. It also may be due to black magic in the head or black magic hung in such a way to target the victim’s head.

Feeling Tired and Exhausted

If the person has many reactions, he may have combined problems. This is usually followed by fatigue and exhaustion.

Feeling Little to No Reaction

If the person has little or no reaction, then either

  • he has little or no problems at all
  • he cannot read well enough to cause a noticeable reaction
  • the jinn is outside the body and operating on him from outside. In this case, having the patient read the Quran allows for the burning of the connection between the jinn and the person without reaching the jinn and that is enough to disconnect the two.

Other reactions

When the person feels heavy or has goosebumps, does not bear to hear the Quran, or can’t breathe or gets nervous, those are signs that he is possessed with jinn.

The list above is not a complete and absolute list of signs for diagnosis. If someone has clear symptoms of black magic based on their life experiences, body and mental state, and dreams, then you can conclude that they are victims of black magic or jinn even if they show no reactions to hearing the Quran.

Symptoms Caused by the Evil Eye

The evil eye is the lightest of the three causes of problems. The person usually isn’t aware of it and does not seek treatment. He feels heavy and tired and lacks energy. When the evil eye strikes a specific point and “breaks” a specific quality in a person, it must be treated. For example,

  • a student who passed an exam very well and everybody started talking about it and now he is unable to pass any other exams;
  • an athlete who is cheered and suddenly can no longer perform well or has accidents all the time.

Babies and Children

Babies can be very much affected by the evil eye as well causing a fever, a loss of appetite, and lack of sleep. The evil eye gives an opportunity to jinn in one’s house to scare the victim. That is the most common explanation for children’s fears at night or in darkness. Jinns living in the house take advantage of the “crack” made by the evil eye to scare them. We must then treat the child for the evil eye and the house for jinn. People often think they are victims of the evil eye because they have always have “bad luck” but in those cases, they’re actually victims of black magic.

By Individuals with a “Strong” Eye

Some people have the power of the evil eye such that as soon as they look at something and admire it, it breaks what they see. It is a spiritual effect that cannot be explained by physical laws. Fortunately, such people are few. This admiring look carries jealousy and wickedness. The evil eye can affect a person, a family, a vehicle, a shop, a house or anything else, including small objects.

By Groups of People

Another type of evil eye is the one made by a group. People start talking about someone, of his success, his beauty, his strength or anything else. As a result, he loses energy and becomes heavy and lazy. The same thing applies to a shop or anything else.

The evil eye can also be due to jinn.

Symptoms Caused by Jinn

Jinn target humans for many reasons as categorized below.

Black Magic

The most frequent reason one is influenced by a jinn is due to black magic. Black magic does not need to be accompanied by a jinn, but jinn are sometimes sent to strengthen the effect of black magic. For example,

  • to break up a couple, the jinn can give a man a disgusting or frightening appearance in the eyes of his wife;
  • to prevent someone from working, they will get the employer to reject him or not trust him.

Most jinn mentally disturb their victims. The victim will get never-ending thoughts and obsessions as if someone is speaking in his head all day long. Jinn also often play a role in illnesses and physical pains to disturb the body’s natural functioning.

Jinn sent by black magic are forced to do their job. They may be good, true Muslim jinn or wicked non-Muslim jinn. The good ones will do the job with reluctance and the wicked ones will “go above and beyond” and cause more harm that what their job requires. In Africa, particularly, there is a long tradition of cooperation between jinn and sorcerers. The original religion there is to worship statues and jinn through a river, wood or a sea. Sorcerers would slaughter animals for jinn and offer various gifts to them such that jinn have developed a science for serving sorcerers and accomplishing astonishing things for them. Consequently, there would be jinn with nearly every black magic. For example, a victim could completely lose his mind after a sorcerer has sent thousands of jinn into him. Nearly all jinn you find in ill people are professional jinn working for sorcerers.


Jinn live around us. They are many in abandoned and uninhabited places. Dirty and humid places are especially inhabited by jinn because they find their food in leftover food and excrements. They often occupy old and ill-maintained houses but they may also occupy new and well-maintained ones as well. Though they live around us, they avoid us. However, a single, potentially harmful action without saying “Bismillah” (in the name of Allah) beforehand, such as throwing something away or pouring out hot water, might hit a jinn and harm them or cause them to be handicapped or to die. They or their relatives can then retaliate by beating the person who inadvertently harmed them. The person may become partly paralyzed or heavy, he may be anxious or depressed, he may also have suicidal or harassing thoughts or other manifestations. This often goes with nightmares where the person is beaten or persecuted by scary people. Jinn have less reason and more passion than we do. They have three strong passions: pride, love and vengeance. Jinn can devote their whole lives to doing nothing but retaliating against a person.


Jinn can become attracted and fall in love with humans. This happens when we undress without saying “Bismillah” (in the name of Allah). Jinn see us naked and can be sexually stimulated because there is a kind of sexual compatibility between jinn and humans. If you just undress without saying “Bismillah”, you may inadvertently attract a jinn. However, if you commit any kind of forbidden or shameful sexual activity, then it’s as if you are inviting jinn to join in and they may become attached to you. Male jinn fall in love with women and female jinn with men. Homosexuality is rare with jinn. The kinds of people jinn like are people with no wickedness in their heart towards others. So, as we must love the good, we must hate the evil and have no mercy for unfair people. Jinn who love humans stay incognito. Most of the time, the person will have erotic dreams. Generally, these dreams are not “difficult” but rather pleasant for men because the jinniya (female jinn) appears as the ideal woman for the man. This happens quite often. The norm for a young bachelor is once every 10-15 days. If it is a woman who is subject to a jinn lover, the sex is very intense. If she refuses or resists, she can be forced and blocked. Many people feel that they are blocked when going to bed and become unblocked as soon as they pronounce the name of Allah. Sometimes, a jinn appears in the shape of the victim’s husband to trick her but once the act is over, she realizes that she was not with her husband. When the person is married, the jinn sometimes accepts the spouse, but most of the time, the jinn does not bear the spouse, and therefore the person will not bear the spouse either. This happens mostly to women. The husband should then act with tenderness when having intercourse. If he insists, the wife may become upset, cry and they will end up fighting. In extreme cases, if a man accepts to marry a female jinn, he can have children with the jinn. The status of the child, however, is not clear. He will mostly be in the jinn’s world and you needn’t worry about him nor think you are responsible for raising him. But a woman married to a male jinn can give birth to a mixed child. The sperm of the male jinn mixes with the female human one during conception. Those children are heavily disabled. We need to understand that marriage for jinn is different than it is for humans. They have no weddings with celebrations and witnesses; the jinn just need to love each other. They go about life together as a faithful and attached couple. With humans, they behave the same way and find it lawful to defend their marriages with jealousy if they suspect their spouse is attracted to someone else or if someone is flirting with their spouse.


Jinn have a simple life compared to ours. They don’t transform nature and just live in the environment they find. They look for appropriate housing and cannot build their own. They cannot cook or store food and just look for food. Their food is human leftover food and excrements. Besides looking for a place to live and food to eat, they do not have much else to do. Some are devoted to worshiping, others build families and others spend time fighting. Some others attend sinful gatherings and take part in human vices. When a jinn is in a human body, he is fed and housed, with better food and home than what he could find outside. In this situation, the jinn are generally sufficiently satisfied. For that reason, jinn can live in humans only for the purpose of being housed. However, in order to live in a human, they need a breach to enter such as from black magic, the evil eye or other jinn in the person. They can also enter in a moment of weakness, e.g anger, sorrow, fear. Therefore, as soon as a person is hurt by one or many of these troubles, he may be inhabited by jinn looking for a home. Unfortunately, protection prayers do not guarantee sufficient protection since the person has a breach in his body. This is akin to a wound that exposes the body to microbes and regular hygiene would not be sufficient to prevent infection by microbes.

Sometimes, the jinn in the body will not manifest themselves and the person won’t feel anything. Or, the person can feel heaviness in the part of their body where the jinn is. An interaction may happen between the two. The jinn transmits his feelings and reactions, e.g. fear, joy, depression, anger, attraction or repulsion towards something, especially religion. The person can also impose his feelings onto the jinn and force the jinn to become like him. If there is another jinn inside the body, both jinn can interact with each other and fight until one of them is dominated by the other or is hidden by the other jinn’s presence.

Jinn in the House

Old and abandoned houses are almost always inhabited by jinn although new houses are often inhabited too. It is easy for jinn to enter a house and to stay there. Most of the time, jinn go totally unnoticed. If the jinn are believers and practicing Muslims, we feel a light and pleasant atmosphere in the house. These religious jinn often live among practicing Muslims whose houses are filled with the Quran, prayers, supplications and religious discussions. Jinn are not rich in science. They don’t have access to books and do not have many religious activities and initiatives. In order to progress in religion, they seek religious places among humans. Unfortunately, these good jinn are few. The majority of jinn are neither good nor bad, like ordinary people just living for their life in this world, and those who are the most noticeable are the bad ones who hate practicing Muslims. When bad jinn are in the house, we feel a heavy atmosphere, and people suffering from black magic, evil eye or jinn will feel it even more, especially young children. They might even sometimes see jinn under different appearances. These bad jinn would also harm the human occupants, disturbing their sleep and causing them to have nightmares. Living together will sooner or later cause the human inhabitants to accidentally hit the jinn and the humans will consequently suffer from the jinn’s vengeance. Or, the human inhabitants may undress without saying “bismillah” and the bad jinn will fall in love with them. If, in addition, some members of the household are bewitched, they will be more subject to harm because the jinn will be able to easily enter their bodies and possess them. The bad jinn in the house may have also been sent there by black magic. Thus, they directly act to harm the people in the house.


Jinn can attack a person for other reasons as well. If the person progresses well in Islam, devils (a type of jinn) may send a special devil to handle him. Iblis (Satan, Chief Devil) is a jinn and was never an angel. But, jinn have a volatile and changing nature. When they are pious, they become pure and look like angels. The more wicked they are, the darker and the gloomier they become. Before disobeying Allah, Iblis was so pure that he was assimilated to angels. When he disobeyed, he was cursed and turned into a devil. He was cursed so much that his offspring are all devils.

There are two types of devils:

  • those linked to the person who come to life with him from his parents’ devils
  • those who are free who meet, plan and work to lure people to commit acts that will lead them to Hell

When a person follows religion, he can easily physically dominate the devil, but thoughts and feelings are more difficult to control. When a person achieves a spiritual “breakthrough” and gets closer to Allah, he can control his thoughts and emotions and leave no possibility of influence to the devil to attach himself to him. Devils consider pious humans to be “dangerous” and delegate a devil or a jinn working for the devil to lead him astray. The devil or jinn then tries to upset him, cause him to argue with people, stop him from devoting his time to spirituality, and to lead him to commit sins, etc. This case is very rare because only a few people have been able to dominate their devil.


One of the jinn who comes to live inside a person might be a Muslim or later on convert to Islam. That Muslim jinn then tries to help the person against the bad jinn so the person will be distressed between various effects. A jinn can also change his status. He may come by black magic and then fall in love or stay after the black magic is removed to be housed and fed. There are also jinn who are not in love but take sexual advantage of the situation, or who are sexually possessive without love for the person. This will result when the person’s problems last a long time. As time goes on he will accumulate troubles until he loses his mind. We therefore need to treat cases till they are completely resolved because if the problems are bearable, they can cause others problems to arise.

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