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Destroy Black Magic

My Experience with Jinn

To help the reader get an idea of what life may be like under the influence of black magic and jinn, below is a brief description of my life focusing on major and/or interesting events. Black magic and jinn can affect all aspects of life including, but not limited to, work, marriage, relationships, and health.

New York – 1975-1978

The Haunted Apartment

Queens, New York, 1975. My dad found an apartment to rent. Upon moving in, the Hispanic couple next door asked him if he was moving in. He said, “Yes.” They then said that he shouldn’t stay in that apartment because no previous tenants of that particular unit had lasted more than 3 months. They said that each one would experience some sort of problem that would force them to move out whether it was due to job loss, divorce, or something else. My dad rented the apartment anyway because he did not believe in superstitions. While living there, my mom noticed some very strange things. On some days, after fixing the bed in the morning, she’d notice in the afternoon that one of the pillows would be on the floor. Within 3 months, my dad had lost his job. They were broke. My mom got a job but it barely covered the bills. My first home was in that apartment. Apparently, I cried a lot. While I do not remember this, I was told that I cried as if I was in extreme pain. It turned out I had a hernia and had to have surgery. Since things weren’t working out, my mom thought about moving. She based her idea from the prophet Muhammad (p) who, when things didn’t work out in Mecca, moved to Medina where he was able to grow Islam. (The prophet’s move was called the “hijrah”). My parents decided to move. My dad left first and sought work in San Francisco while my mom and I stayed in the apartment until my dad could secure a job and place to live in San Francisco. While my mom and I lived there, my mom noticed even more strange things. She had a nightmare every single night. She’d sense someone else was there but whenever she’d look around, all she’d she was a shadow quickly walking away or disappearing. She’d hear the doorbell ring in the middle of the night. She thought my dad had returned from San Francisco but whenever she’d open the door, no one would be there. Though we managed to stay there for longer than 3 months, we ended up leaving after 2 years and 5 months to move to San Francisco where my younger brother was born.

San Francisco – 1978-late 80’s

The Dead Neighbor Next Door

My parents found an apartment on Leavenworth Street in downtown San Francisco. After moving in, my mom noticed a bad smell so she cleaned and scrubbed the entire apartment to get rid of it. With each passing day, the smell got worse. After a week or two, it was discovered that there was a dead and decaying body in the apartment next door and that that was the cause of the smell.

The Cursed Restaurant

In the 80s, my parents opened up a restaurant in San Francisco on Church Street next to Market St. Not that is should have mattered, the restaurant was right next to a church. After the grand opening, business was good and it got a lot of good reviews. However, that didn’t last long. Despite the wide variety of good food and prime location near the downtown area, the restaurant kept losing money to the point that the lease and employee wages were paid with a credit card. Suspicious and desperate, my parents hired a spiritual healer from Malaysia and paid for him to fly to San Francisco to exorcise any demons from the restaurant. When the healer arrived, he said that what he saw wasn’t a restaurant but filth even though in our eyes, the restaurant looked like a normal restaurant. He said that from the front of the restaurant it looked like a “jungle” and inside the restaurant he saw filth hanging from the ceiling. He read the Quran on water to create holy water and began spraying it on the walls and corners of the restaurant. After the spiritual cleansing, the restaurant was busy again with customers having to wait for a table. Unfortunately, that was short-lived and business began to gradually decline again. The exorcism done on the restaurant was only good for a few months. We believe the black magic done to fail the restaurant was renewed which caused business to decline again.  In the end, after keeping the restaurant for five years, it was too late and my parents had to sell it with a $100K loss.

Indonesia – 1990-1995

Gontor: The Islamic Boarding School in the Middle of Nowhere

Due to various reasons, my parents suggested that my brother and I go to an Islamic boarding school in Indonesia. As the adventurous one with having already accumulated many international traveling miles, I was up for the new and different experience. Unfortunately, I was definitely overly optimistic as our destination was nothing like what I had in mind. We moved half way around the world to attend a reputable school called Gontor in East Java that was literally in the middle of nowhere. But the choice for this remote location was not because of the low cost of land. The main reason for it being far from human freakin’ civilization was to prevent students from being corrupted by the negative influences you’d find in general society … like from watching a movie at a movie theater. Or at least that’s what the administrators thought. We definitely experienced culture shock living at this school. My brother lasted less than 2 weeks. Everyone begged me to try to stay longer. I reluctantly did but quickly realized that it just wasn’t for me. The 3rd-world living conditions (e.g. no hot showers, we had to use a plastic bucket to pour cold water on ourselves), strict prison-like policies, and different mentality of the people there just wasn’t going to work for me.

Getting Slapped for No Good Reason

On one occasion, one of my roommates was the imam (prayer leader) for a Maghrib (sunset) prayer in our room. There were four of us total and we were all around 13 years old. The imam chose a very short verse to recite after Al-Fatihah (the opening prayer). Little did we know, our teacher was in the room behind a partial wall. He could hear everything. After the prayer, the teacher slapped all of us because of the imam’s choice to use a short and quick verse instead of a long one. He figured that the imam’s choice of a short verse was because he was lazy. He slapped me much less hard than everyone else because I was American. But regardless, where I came from slapping a student was intolerable behavior and that was a BIG red flag for me.

The Jungle

On another occasion, all students had to wake up at 11 PM and go out to the soccer field. The school had created an event whereby students had to walk alone in the middle of the night through the jungle filled with various points of interest. These points of interest varied from pop-up ghosts to sounds of scary creatures to sounds of the Quran being read. It was kind of like a haunted jungle. It was cold that night and one could easily get lost. The whole point of it was to teach students to not fear anything but Allah. At the age of 13, I thought that was the dumbest idea. While walking through that jungle in the middle of nowhere, it became clear to me that I needed to get the hell out of that school. A month later, I moved to Solo (Surakarta), a small city in Central Java, and went to a regular Islamic school in a city that had a movie theater, a mall, Pizza Hut, and various other things that could corrupt my young and innocent mind 🙂

Islamic Schools in the City

After spending 2 years in an Islamic middle school and 1 year in an Islamic high school in Solo, I moved to a bigger city called Bandung in West Java. There, I attended another Islamic school for 2 years before graduating and moving back to the States. All in all, I attended 5 years of Islamic school in one of the most Islamic countries in the world between the age of 13 and 18 where I was taught all kinds of Islamic stuff except ….. ruqyah! Unfortunately, they left out, who knows why, one of the most important subjects – black magic and jinn and how to deal with it.

University – 1995-2003

Upon returning to the US, I attended the University of California at Berkeley and graduated with a bachelor’s in engineering degree in December of 1999. I then went to San Francisco State University and got a master’s degree in computer science in May of 2003. I didn’t notice anything unusual at this time and my grades were pretty good. However, the reader should note that black magic can affect one’s studies and cause them to fail and drop out of school.

Egypt – 1997-1998

During my undergraduate years at UC Berkeley, I came across flyer for studying abroad. Many countries were available. Tired of my one-hour-each-way commute and walking up the campus hills to get to my various classes, getting away from it all by going to school in a foreign country seemed like a nice change. Italy and France were my first picks but they were expensive and required having had taken pre-requisite language classes. Being a poor, third-world country, Egypt was affordable. It also had some interesting things to see like the Pyramids. The school was the American University in Cairo and the language of instruction was English so that was also a big plus. So, I went to school there for a year and with friends, explored various countries in the region. Living in this other Islamic country, I still never came across any information or even mention of black magic and jinn possession.

Dubai – 2003

First Attempt at Marriage

In 2003, I met a half-Pakistani/Indian, half-Palestinian girl who seemed like a nice person. She lived in Dubai, was Muslim, educated, and just overall pleasant. Not that I cared about her money, but her parents were rich and they had their own pharmaceuticals marketing business. After months of daily communications, we seemed compatible and things got more serious. I had never been to Dubai so I decided I could spend time with her and visit Dubai at the same time. Her parents knew I was coming to visit them and everything seemed fine. Once I arrived, I eventually met everyone and things were still fine. We had even begun talking about long term plans and eventual marriage. Since I had nothing holding me back to the US like a house, her parents were even suggesting that I live in Dubai for a couple of years. Her dad even offered to help me find a job there.

Sudden and Shocking Change of Behavior

One day, we all went to lunch at a restaurant. Her father recommended steak since I was American. That was a good recommendation as I do like steak. We ate, conversed, and being the non-French, practical American that I am, after eating a third of my steak, I cut it up into many bite-size pieces and ate the rest. After we left the restaurant, I went back to my hotel. Her dad called and said that it wasn’t going to work out but didn’t explain why. When I pressed him for a reason, he just got mad and started yelling and told me to never call back. That was clearly bizarre as there was no logical explanation for his behavior.  After speaking to the girl, she believes it had to do with the fact that I cut my steak up into many bite-size pieces and that I may have held my fork in the wrong hand. Clearly, that was a ridiculous reason to end a relationship and potential marriage. While I do not know if that was the only reason, or if that was even a reason at all, her parent’s sudden change of decision and behavior was suspicious. The girl had once mentioned a story involving black magic and a knot or doll in her or her relative’s backyard but at that time, I didn’t think much of it. Based on the symptoms described above, I am now 99% sure that either black magic and/or jinn influence caused this relationship and potential marriage to end.

Work – 1995-Now

Odd Jobs

While in college, I had some odd jobs here and there. I worked as a rental car agent at the San Francisco Airport, as a front desk clerk for a hotel, as a computer lab supervisor / go-to guy for help at a community college, and also as an intern for an mp3 internet startup right before it had to be sold off before going broke. After graduating with a masters in May 2003, I had a lot of student debt and no money so I obviously sought a normal, college-grad-level-paying job. I had a masters in computer science from an accredited university but, being fresh out of college, I wasn’t being too picky so I applied to all kinds of computer-related jobs. Living in Silicon Valley, home to Google, Apple, and most world-famous internet companies, there were many jobs available even despite the high unemployment rate at the time and the fact that the US was busy at war in Iraq. After submitting what seemed like hundreds of versions of resumes and applying to hundreds of jobs, I was not able to find a normal job. I don’t think I even got any interviews. This lasted for about a year and a half. Luckily I still had my evening job at a computer lab at a community college. I freelanced to have more relevant stuff to put my resume and make a little money but that was no fun. Since 2000, I tried starting several online businesses with different friends but none of them worked out either so I just considered the time spent working on them as experience.

Non-Profit Job

In September of 2004, I eventually got a webmaster job for a non-profit. The pay was okay but not great. I didn’t have the luxury of having other options so I took it. Since I worked there during the day, I kept my evening computer lab job. I had pretty long work days at that time. After two years at the non-profit, one employee left, so I got promoted which resulted in a nice salary increase. However, a year later I had to quit because I couldn’t stand working there anymore for one reason or another.

Government Job

In January of 2007, I began a new job as webmaster at a community college. The pay wasn’t much different from my previous job but, being government, there wasn’t really much work to do and no one really cared what I did so I couldn’t complain. I tried to build many online tools for teachers and students which they all wanted but I always faced opposition from an IT guy and the CTO. In September 2010, as part of my job, I redesigned and built a new college website. After getting approval from my boss, I launched the site. That day, I had received many positive compliments from faculty and staff. The next day, however, I received an ultimatum from the Chancellor to revert the website or he’d pull the plug on the web server. His reason was that the CTO, who worked in another city some 20 minutes away, had not approved the new website. At my boss’ request, I reverted the site and everyone knew something fishy was going on. To make a long story short, my boss and I got interrogated. He told the Chancellor that he should be blamed and not me since he gave the green light to push the website live. In the end, they still blamed me and fired me by making it appear that my position was no longer needed and that, due to the recession, budget cuts were necessary. It was clear to everyone that I was targeted since they didn’t lay off the webmaster for the sister college.

Corporate Job

In April of 2011, desperate for a new job, especially since I had a mortgage to pay, I applied to many different companies.  I also had to self-learn new technologies since you don’t learn, or even do, much working for the government. For 2 months, I didn’t get any interviews even though I knew I was qualified or even over-qualified for some. Time was running out. Eventually, one company desperate for a webmaster called and after a series of grueling interviews, a 3.5 hour presentation and a test project, I got the job. However, it was no easy transition. Throughout the first year, I thought I’d get fired as my previous jobs had not prepared me for the advanced skills required in a corporate environment. Since I don’t give up easily, I stuck it through and survived, and I’m glad I did. In 2013, the company went public and my employee stock options eventually became worth a nice chunk of change.

With regards to work, it’s hard to say whether a jinn interfered. There were definitely periods of time when I felt suspicious that something was blocking me. At other times I felt that what happened was absolutely non-sensical. The reader should note that jinn can and do interfere with one’s work life and a least two people I know were blocked from getting a job for several years despite their clear qualifications.

China – 2004

In 2004, I had the opportunity to live in China for 3 months. I visited various cities throughout China from Mongolia all the way down to Hong Kong. I didn’t really notice anything unusual that I would consider caused by a jinn or black magic during this time. The cost for a massage was really cheap so I got a massage pretty often.

Wife #1 – 2005-2008

The Wedding

My first wife was originally from the Czech Republic in Eastern Europe. Her family was either Christian or they were atheists but she converted to Islam before I met her. Prior to the wedding, she was normal and pleasant as most people would expect. Of course, if she wasn’t normal and pleasant, I wouldn’t have married her. We first got married Islamically which was super quick and cheap. Things were still fine after that and not many people knew about that marriage. However, when we did our civil wedding, many people knew about it and that’s when things started to change. The morning after the wedding, we were in a rental home in Prague. I had created a website with information about the wedding including a countdown timer until the wedding day. My ex-wife’s brother-in-law asked me about it. I told him that since the wedding was over, the countdown timer was showing the number of days since the wedding. He then said “Great. Now we’ll see how long the marriage lasts.” While any idiot could say something stupid like that, I didn’t see any reason for him to say that, especially since he didn’t know me. I was suspicious but I decided to just assume he was a jerk.

Mood Swings

After the wedding, we staying in Prague for about a month, while occasionally visiting her parent’s house in Moravia. When we were at a mall, my ex-wife saw her ex-boyfriend at the food court so we quickly left. While killing time in Prague, I noticed that her behavior had changed somewhat and she was often very moody. While driving, sometimes she would complain that she was bored as if I was supposed to know where to go or what to do in her own city where I was the foreigner. It’s hard to describe it in words but I thought her behavior was just unusual.

The Hotel in Santorini, Greece

At the end of August, we flew to Santorini, Greece for the honeymoon. We had a nice hotel on a cliff of the island with a perfect view of the caldera. The weather was great with clear blue skies and breathtaking views just like what you see in travel magazines. Our flight arrived early, which most people would consider a good thing, but that caused us to arrive at the hotel too early for check-in. The hotel staff told us to wait for an hour or two while having some complimentary breakfast until our room was clean. Unlike what you’d expect, while I was busy enjoying the fresh air, nice weather and amazing views, my ex-wife got mad because we had to wait for our room even though she knew we were early. Her attitude began to piss me off. Anyway, after settling into our room, we rented a scooter and began to explore the island.

The Pastry

The next day, we had brunch in the small downtown area. There were pastries and bread on display at one restaurant. My ex-wife picked a pastry and we ate. My food was OK but she got mad again saying that her pastry didn’t taste good and that they gave her a different pastry than the one she pointed at. I thought that it was clearly non-sensical to get mad because of such a petty thing with so many fun and exciting things ahead of us. Either way, her complaint pissed me off again.

The Ex-Boyfriend

For the first few days of the honeymoon, she complained here and there about various other stupid things. I figured that if I complained back to her, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy my time so I let her complaints slide, even though her behavior was clearly affecting my mood. One day, after getting back to the hotel, she just started crying out of the blue. At that point, since I didn’t see any reason for her to cry and because I was already disappointed in her, I didn’t really care, but I asked her anyway what the problem was. She looked at her phone and said that she had a confession to make. She said her ex-boyfriend wouldn’t stop contacting her even though she told him it was over between them and that he needed to leave her alone. She apologized for her behavior and promised to ignore her ex-boyfriend. I felt a bit better but her behavior already ruined a perfectly good vacation / honeymoon. I then figured that once we got back to the States (California), things would be normal.

The Un-holy Water

When we got back to Prague, her boyfriend contacted her again and asked that she bathe in holy water to help him “forget” her. When they were dating, he left my ex-wife to go back to Saudi Arabia and get married. He was a Saudi national working for the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Prague.  He made a lot of money, was married, had one kid, and came from a traditional Bedouin family. My ex-wife and I weren’t superstitious and figured it wouldn’t hurt if she bathed in the water. We met her ex-boyfriend and he gave her the water. He seemed like a nice guy when I met him. My ex-wife bathed in what he called “holy” water and a week later, we moved back to the States where I figured he’d be out of her life for good.

Unusual Behavior

During our marriage, my ex-wife seemed very unusual. She had a temper, often felt sick and took lots of medicine even though she was only 23 years old, often would just want to stay home and watch TV on the weekends even though it would be nice and sunny outside, get mad about the pettiest of things or things completely out of our control like traffic, and various other things. At one point she became extremely jealous of an old female friend of mine. She got very mad because my friend knew what kind of food I liked. Seeing her unpleasant behavior over the course of the marriage was pushing me away from her and the thought of divorce crossed my mind several times. On many occasions, my ex-wife  would get emails from her sister with photos of her family and her Saudi ex-boyfriend with them. My ex-wife was furious and asked why her ex-boyfriend would spend time with her family since they were no longer together. When they were together, he never wanted to visit my ex-wife’s family. She was suspicious something was up but didn’t know what it was. During one Christmas, my ex-wife’s parents needed money to fix or replace the broken or frozen plumbing pipes in their house. They didn’t have money so her ex-boyfriend gave them money. My ex-wife was furious again as he was behaving inappropriately and influencing her parents to like her ex-boyfriend. Her ex-boyfriend even began going on vacation with my ex-wife’s sister and her boyfriend. I thought it was very weird but as we were halfway around the world, I figured he wouldn’t be able to interfere with our lives. (Note to reader: don’t think like I did. Black magic and jinn can affect you from anywhere in the world. Distance means nothing.)

Marriage Counseling

Disappointed as we both were with the marriage, though neither one of us really wanted a divorce, my ex-wife suggested we see a marriage counselor. We went for a few sessions and then stopped. In my opinion, the information we received was basic common sense and definitely didn’t justify the counselor’s fees. The counselor asked that we each make a list of the things we liked and didn’t like about each other and try to have a healthy discussion to address each issue.  In the end, the counselor suggested we each read a book titled Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. Psssh! Whatever. I rolled my eyes. We bought the book, I read half of it, it was interesting, but I didn’t think it was going to fix the marriage. Glad I had insurance to pay for a waste of time.

The Seizure

In 2007, my ex-wife woke up at 5 AM, as usual, to get ready for work. I was still asleep. She came out of the bathroom and called my name as if she was hurt. I jumped out of bed and ran to her, realized I forgot my glasses, went back to get them, then went back to her and saw her standing and leaning against the wall. She then sat on the floor and looked like she had no energy. I asked what was going on and if she wanted some water. She didn’t respond. Her left hand began to shake followed by her left arm. What looked like a seizure propagated to her head. Her eyes then rolled back and were all white as she tilted her head back. She then stopped shaking, her head fell forward, and she looked lifeless. I thought she was dead. I became nervous. I thought, “What the hell am I going to tell her parents?” I threw a cup of water on her to snap her out of it but she didn’t react. I called 911 and they told me to have her lay on her side. The fire department was on the way. Right before I hung up, she snapped out of whatever she was in as if she was hypnotized. I told her that help was on the way. She told me to send them back and that she was fine. She laid in bed and some firefighters checked some basic signs, flashed a flashlight in her eyes, etc, and told me to take her to the emergency room (ER) right away.

The Doctors

When we got to the hospital, my ex-wife told the doctor she didn’t have a history of having a seizure. They ran various tests, did a CAT scan and MRI and the doctor came back saying that there was nothing wrong with her and that she wasn’t allowed to drive since she had a seizure. The doctor referred us to my ex-wife’s primary care physician (PCP) who simply said that everything she experienced was due to “stress”. Bulls%#t! I told the doctor that I was the one who was stressed out and that there was no reason for my ex-wife to be stressed out. The doctor then referred us to a neurologist. At the neurologist’s office, the neurologist ran some tests including hitting my ex-wife’s knee to see if she reacted. She did. He then taped a bunch of wires to her head and did some other test and said he’d give us the results in a week.

Afraid to Sleep

During that week, my mood was very different. Seeing her have a seizure and her eyes roll up and appear all white looked scary. I didn’t feel comfortable sleeping in my own bed. I stayed up late, thought about sleeping on the sofa, but it was small and uncomfortable, so I eventually slept in our bed. I didn’t want to wake up in the middle of the night and see all-white eyes staring at me so I slept on the edge of the bed facing the wall. Plus, it was July – nowhere near Halloween. When I woke up in the morning, I was relieved that nothing weird happened.

The Beginning of the End

A few days later, my ex-wife asked me what the problem was. She could see that I wasn’t talking much and that I seemed different. I told her there was no problem and everything was fine. She didn’t believe me. She asked me if I wanted to divorce her. I told her that after everything that happened and our incompatibility, it seemed like divorce would be best for both of us. She didn’t want a divorce.

Around this time, my mom had been learning how to do ruqyah. She’s always had a suspicion or a feeling that I may have been influenced by a jinn from the apartment in New York. Me, my ex-wife and my mom sat in the living room and my mom tried to do ruqyah on me. During the ruqyah session, she felt as if she was being choked and she had to stop. I didn’t feel anything. We left it at that and figured it was nothing.

The next morning, around 5 AM, I turned in bed and saw my ex-wife standing, holding the phone, and looking at me. I was surprised to see her already awake and standing like that. She said she just got off the phone with my mom, told her that I wanted a divorce, and that my mom was on the way. When my mom came, she spoke to my ex-wife in the living room while I was in the bedroom. I could hear my ex-wife crying because she didn’t want a divorce. My mom calmed her down and she agreed to getting a divorce. I had purchased a round-trip ticket to Prague for my ex-wife to visit her family but told her that since we were getting a divorce, we didn’t need the return ticket. She packed a lot of her stuff (mostly clothes), said goodbye to her friends, and I took her to the airport. I said goodbye and let her go to the security checkpoint. I waited a while. She walked away and then looked back at me. Her eyes were wet. She waved goodbye and went through security.

The neurologist got back to me and said that he didn’t find any neurological problems with my ex-wife so she would be permitted drive again. I was delighted but confused. I didn’t see how she could have a seizure, have her eyes roll up and then pass out with no medical reason behind it. Either way, it was time to move on so I forced myself to do so.

About a week after my ex-wife arrived in Prague, she sent me a long email. She apologized for her behavior, sent some nice pictures of her with her friend dressed up with makeup, and near the end of the email, asked to give our marriage another try. I ignored her for a couple of days but she sent me another email asking if I had read her previous message. I told her that I thought it’d be better if we stayed apart. She begged me for another chance and that if things didn’t work out in 3 months, we’d divorce for good. Since I didn’t really want to divorce her and already paid for a return ticket, I gave her another chance and she came back to the US.

The Ruqyah Session

Upon arrival at San Francisco International Airport, I picked my ex-wife up and we headed home. On the way home, my mom called and told me to take her to my mom’s house for tea. My ex-with clearly looked tired from the long flight but I think she agreed to stop by my mom’s house to avoid arguing. At my parent’s house, we sat at the dining table and drank tea. A tall, religious-looking Moroccan guy / sheikh with a long beard came and sat on the sofa. I chatted with him and after a while, he played some Quranic verses, probably ruqyah, on his boombox. My ex-wife would often go to the bathroom and back. After a while, she began crying with her eyes closed. Apparently, that was the sign that she was possessed and the jinn inside her was crying from hearing ruqyah.

The sheikh stopped playing the ruqyah audio and began talking to the jinn. I was standing beside my ex-wife who was still sitting in a chair by the dining table. The sheikh asked “who are you”, “what do you want”, and “who sent you”? My ex-wife, possessed by the jinn, shook her head refusing to answer and began moving around in her chair trying to break the armrests. The sheikh then asked my mom for some water. He recited some Quranic verses on it, put it in a spray bottle, and then told the jinn that if he doesn’t reply, he’d burn the jinn. The jinn continued to refuse to cooperate. The sheikh sprayed the holy water onto my ex-wife’s hand and she / the jinn reacted as if she was being sprayed with fire. The sheikh asked again who sent the jinn. My ex-wife finally responded saying someone’s name. That person’s name was the name of her Saudi ex-boyfriend who gave her the water to bathe in. It became clear at that time that that water must have contained black magic which was transferred to my ex-wife when she bathed with it. The sheikh then asked the jinn where he wanted to leave my ex-wife’s body. My ex-wife raised her right hand which meant that the jinn would leave from her hand. The sheikh recited many Quranic verses while my ex-wife laid on the floor. He then took his hands and pulled my ex-wife’s right arm as if to pull something out of it through her fingers. After a while, he looked up as if he could see the jinn leave her hand. He then put some kind of scented oil below my ex-wife’s nose and she opened her eyes and went to sit on the sofa. The sheikh asked her if she remembered anything. She said the last thing she remembered was her sitting at the dining table drinking tea. She wondered why she had teardrops on her face. During the entire ruqyah session, her eyes were closed. I was relieved as I thought my ex-wife was cured and we could live a normal life after that. Just to be safe, I paid the sheikh another $300 ($600 for both of us) to do ruqyah on me but he didn’t find anything so I thought I was free of jinn influence and black magic.

The End of the First Marriage

After the ruqyah session, I felt that my ex-wife was better for a few weeks but then she began to show unusual behavior again.  After years of disappointment with her, I gave up and 4 months later, we got a divorce. The black magic succeeded in ruining our marriage. Two years after the divorce, my ex-wife’s father had passed away so she wanted to return to Prague to be near her mom whose health was deteriorating. The black magic on her was to separate us so she’d go back to Prague and marry her ex-boyfriend as his second (or maybe third) wife. The black magic eventually made my ex-wife go back to Prague but she since remarried and had a baby after we got a divorce, she didn’t go back alone. Her ex-boyfriend probably felt that his black magic worked but not quite as he had hoped it would.

Wife #2 – 2010-2014

Wedding and Stomach Pain

My 2nd ex-wife was originally from Egypt. I married her in 2010. Prior to the wedding, everything was fine. As soon as the wedding was over, literally, I noticed something very unusual. The wedding was from 9PM to midnight at a hotel by the Mediterranean Sea in Alexandria, Egypt. Around 1AM, we went to our room and my ex-wife complained of stomach pain. She didn’t merely say she had a stomach ache. Apparently she was in so much pain that she even cried even though we hadn’t done anything and she was just lying on the bed. I thought maybe it was food poisoning or something so I didn’t think much of it.

Honeymoon and Stomach Pain

We flew to Phuket, Thailand for the honeymoon. Throughout our stay, my ex-wife experienced stomach pain whenever in bed. It was bizarre. She would occasionally feel stomach pain while outside but it was always much more painful in bed. She also exhibited some unusual behavior like she’d easily get lost although that may not be jinn-related since some people are just really bad with directions.

Bad Breath

When we got home in the US, I figured things would be just normal. Unfortunately I was wrong. Not only did she continue to have sudden and unexplainable severe stomach pain when in bed, which were so painful at times that she’d cry, she also appeared to have bad breath. I had noticed she sometimes had bad breath in the past but I figured it was due to certain types of food she had eaten, e.g. garlic. The bad breath she had was unlike any other kind I’ve noticed. It didn’t smell like garlic or a particular type of food but rather like garbage. It made absolutely no sense. After a while I asked her if she had brushed her teeth. She said she did. I then asked why she didn’t notice her own bad breath when it was so obviously smelly to me. She said she didn’t notice she had bad breath. I thought she was crazy.

We went to a dentist and she begged him to help her get rid of her bad breath because I kept complaining about it. The dentist said it was either coming from her tongue or from her stomach and that if it came from her stomach, then there wasn’t a cure. The dentist gave her a tongue scraper and we bought a large bottle of mouthwash. My ex-wife began cleaning her teeth and mouth using a variety of things multiple times a day. Her breath would smell fine right after cleaning but it would go back to smelling very bad within a couple of hours. It was so bad that I could even smell the bad breath while lying in bed trying to sleep. Eventually, I had to hold a pillow between us before sleeping to block the smell from reaching me. I’d also sleep at the edge of the bed looking away from her to be as far from the smell as possible. What was even more interesting is no one else including her coworkers or friends ever complained about her having bad breath. Apparently I was the only one in the world who smelled the scent of garbage coming from her mouth. After a while, she’d complain about me not wanting to be near her. I knew she was making a serious effort to cure her bad breath, which apparently only I could notice, so I didn’t tell her I kept my distance because of her bad breath. Whatever was causing her bad breath and her stomach pain was clearly ruining the marriage.

Illogical Comments and Mood Swings

Throughout the marriage, I also noticed various other abnormalities. She would often make stupid and disrespectful remarks that, in my opinion, were completely inappropriate and unbelievable. She’d occasionally complain about me in front of me and my friends which was a big red flag for me. Her behavior would be inconsistent in that she’d show her appreciation for things I did like take her on a 7-day cruise to the Caribbean and a 3-week vacation to China, Hong Kong, and Macau but then complain about me to her friend in front of me about taking her to see a Cirque du Soleil show instead of some Chinese show. She’d say things like the reason for my relative success was due to her making dinner for me when she rarely made dinner and when she did, it would be something as simple as making macaroni and cheese or toasting some garlic bread. As if that wasn’t enough, for some reason, I’d often see my ex-wife as appearing very unattractive to me. There were times when I would see her and feel disgusted. Thoughts would come to my mind and I’d silently ask myself “how could she be this ugly” when I knew I didn’t feel that way about her prior to the marriage.

Ruqyah and the End of the Second Marriage

Several times throughout the marriage, my mom tried to do ruqyah on us but neither one of us felt anything weird and I definitely didn’t show signs of jinn possession. We both concluded that I was clean and jinn-free. After being married for some four years, our relationship had clearly changed to the point where we were both just living together but doing our own things. Many people asked if we were going to have kids or why we didn’t have any yet. I didn’t tell them that my ex-wife had reproductive issues. I figured I just got unlucky with my first two marriages. I had a feeling something abnormal, e.g. jinn-related, could be interfering with my life and, particularly, my marriages, but as I had no proof, I had to assume it was bad luck and decided that if I’d have similar problems in my next marriage, then it couldn’t be a coincidence and that the problems I experienced must have been caused by something paranormal like jinn. I divorced my 2nd ex-wife and she is now happily married to someone else.

Wife #3 – 2014-2015


My third ex-wife was originally from Morocco. I married her in mid 2014. She was in the US on a tourist visa staying with her sister and brother-in-law. Prior to the wedding, she appeared normal to me. Her family and family’s friends in the US all seemed very normal and respectable. Her family in the US appeared to be financially well off as well. When I first saw her, she appeared just OK to me, but after the first day we met, I became much more interested, and my interest in her grew very fast from then on. I remember even thinking to myself that things were moving too fast. I didn’t know how to explain it but since I was in a good mood and enjoying my time with her, I just accepted it and figured I finally had some good luck.

When my 3rd ex-wife met my parents, my mom behaved especially unusually. She asked her many questions and did not look particularly happy at all. I knew she was acting different but I didn’t know why. Apparently, there was something in her sixth sense or gut feeling that was making her act that way.

The First Week

After the wedding, we spent a week at a resort in Palm Springs. She had greater expectations from the hotel and because it didn’t meet her expectations, which in my opinion were minor, she lost her temper, raised her voice, and complained to the concierge. I had to calm her down as it looked as if she was going to make a scene in front of other people. I had never seen her talk that way. One night, while sleeping she began talking which quickly turning into a scream. I woke up and quickly woke her up. She saw me in shock and began laughing and went back to sleep. I thought that was weird. I figured she just had a nightmare and went back to sleep. Within the first week of our marriage, I felt that she was already acting different than prior to the wedding. I was worried that this was going to be a repeat of the previous failed marriages.

The first day we began living together, she began cleaning and organizing the kitchen. I was working from home. I saw her throw in the garbage all of my eating utensils which I had bought within the last year and which were a bit expensive. It seemed odd to me that she would do that without even asking me. I just happened to see her throwing it in the garbage so I stopped her and told her to ask me first before she threw away any of my stuff.

Mood Swings

During the first few months of the marriage, I noticed her behavior changed dramatically. She was no longer the pleasant person she appeared to be prior to the marriage. Weekly arguments were the norm. Whenever my mom would stop by, my ex-wife would complain or make a face. Sometimes, she’d even complain if she just hears that my mom was going to stop by later in the day. There was clearly something strange about her behavior towards my mom. No one else including both ex-wives acted that way. Something wasn’t right but I didn’t know what the problem was. I had applied for her green card but since she was acting stupid all the time, I withdrew my sponsorship of her. Frustrated as I was, I didn’t tell her. Unfortunately, her behavior was very on and off. She’d be demonic one day and very pleasant the next. Her mood swings and inconsistent behavior was absolutely confusing and beyond bizarre.


My mom and her friend were suspicious that something was wrong with my ex-wife. They decided to do ruqyah on both of us. My ex-wife kept refusing but eventually she agreed. I had no reaction to the ruqyah so we believed I was clean and not influenced by jinn or black magic. When it was my ex-wife’s turn, she wanted to stop before the ruqyah session was over. Unknown to us at the time, we now know that when a victim of black magic refuses to do ruqyah or is unhappy and wants to end the ruqyah session early, that’s a sign that they are possessed and the jinn inside them is influencing them to behave that way.

Thanksgiving Day Argument

On Thanksgiving Day of 2014, my parents visited us in the morning and we had plans to attend a party at my ex-wife’s sister’s friend’s house in the evening. In my mind, there clearly was no time conflict. But, since my mom needed help with something that morning, my ex-wife complained again. After my parents left, I was all ready to go and was waiting for my ex-wife to finish getting ready. When she came down the stairs, she said that my mom could never visit us in that house again. Clearly I was not going to accept that so I told her I no longer was in the mood to go to the party. She kept telling me to get up so we could go but I ignored her. She then walked out of the house and slammed the door. That was another red flag. Her actions were clearly not going to benefit her. When she came back, she had calmed down and asked that we go to the party. I responded by saying that I was going to file for divorce. She said she didn’t want a divorce. She called her sister and explained what had happened but I could hear that her sister was on my side. My ex-wife then hung up on her sister and threw her cell phone across the living room against the glass patio door. The door didn’t break but her Samsung Galaxy S3 did – it was in pieces. She then walked quickly to the kitchen and took my knife sharpener and slammed it against the kitchen counter. The laminate counter didn’t break but the knife sharpener did. Worried that she was going to cause more damage or hurt someone, I quickly held her and told her I wasn’t going to file for divorce so she’d calm down. She finally calmed down. After that incident, it was clear to me that this marriage was not going to last and that there was something wrong with her.

Jinn Discovery

One day, a victim of black magic and jinn possession was being cured. This person knew me but not very well. During the ruqyah session, the jinn told the raaqi / exorcist to tell me that I was going to get another divorce and that unless I got cured, I was going to always get a divorce. The jinn said that the jinn that was interfering with me was from the haunted apartment in New York and that the reason why my mom’s ruqyah sessions on me in the past never worked was because the jinn would temporarily leave me and go back to New York. The jinn didn’t possess me but rather kept coming to me every 24 to 48 hours. It was following me but never lived inside of me. The jinn also said that the jinn following me was very tall (13 feet) and very black and scary and was interfering with other aspects of my life like job opportunities. Interestingly enough, the day that this happened, my ex-wife had a nightmare where someone in her dream told her to tell my mom to stay away from us. My ex-wife told both me and mom about that dream. Throughout the marriage, she’d have nightmares every week, often multiple times a week. It became such a common occurrence that as soon as I’d detect that she was having a nightmare, I’d wake her up before she could scream. I had never met anyone who had so many nightmares. That’s just not normal.

Suspicion and Al-Baqarah

Throughout my three marriages, I was suspicious that something paranormal was interfering with the marriages. I just didn’t have proof and I felt that no one would believe me if I told them that most of the issues that led to the divorces were due to jinn which, at that time, I didn’t completely believe in. Now that I had proof from a jinn that another jinn from New York, the one from the haunted apartment, was causing me to always get a divorce, I began reading books about jinn. I told my ex-wife about what I was reading but she wasn’t interested and even complained that I was spending too much time reading about jinn. She even said that she didn’t like talking or dealing with black magic or jinn and that we should stay away from that stuff. Her solution was to listen to Surat Al-Baqarah every night so we’d go to sleep with it playing on a low volume. We’d also leave it playing in the house when we’d go out.

The Threat

I eventually got tired of her behavior and asked her for a divorce. She responded with a threat saying that if I divorced her, she’d have her brother-in-law hire a lawyer and create many problems for me. I became more suspicious so, curious to know how she’d respond, I told her I’d give her the green card if we got a divorce. She said that she’d be fine with divorce if I gave her the green card. She then met with me mom and tried to get my mom to convince me to stay in the marriage. She eventually threatened my mom saying that she’d make me regret marrying her if I didn’t give her the green card. Two days later I filed for divorce and a week later she was back at her sister’s house. We tried to settle the divorce but she, her sister and her brother-in-law were conspiring to pressure me to give my ex-wife the green card. Her brother-in-law even tried to blackmail me into giving my ex-wife the green card. This came as a complete surprise since he was a well-off business owner who didn’t seem like he needed to encourage illegal activity. I offered to give my ex-wife some money but she wanted a lot more saying that she needed it to hire an immigration attorney. I verbally told her that I was not agreeable to that but in my mind I told her to f#%k off. I left.

Jinn Possession

What didn’t make sense to me was my ex-wife’s behavior during the marriage. If someone really wanted the green card (US residency permit) by way of marriage, they’d behave as nice as they could until they got the card. My ex-wife, on the other hand, did the exact opposite, and her ridiculous behavior clearly led to me wanting a divorce. Considering her frequent nightmares (which is a common sign among black magic victims), the fact that she’s from Morocco (where black magic is very prevalent), and the fact that she didn’t like being around my mom, it became clear to us that she probably was possessed due to black magic from someone from her past in Morocco. When someone is possessed, they, by influence from the jinn, often want to stay away from a raaqi / exorcist. Since my mom was doing ruqyah to cure many people from jinn possession, it became clear to us that she was probably possessed. This complicated matters because I was dealing with three issues:

  1. a jinn from New York that was causing me to always get a divorce
  2. black magic and/or jinn in my ex-wife for some unknown reason from her past
  3. my ex-wife’s apparently naturally-unpleasant behavior and attitude

Restraining Order

Since I had not agreed to my ex-wife’s illogical settlement offer, she carried out her threat by hiring a lawyer and filing a false domestic violence claim against me. As it turns out, false domestic violence filings are very common during divorces and are often used as a way to take advantage of divorce proceedings, e.g. by getting more money or by influencing a judge to give the victim child custody, if children are involved. Her filing was full of lies. I hired a lawyer and we believed that she was trying to appear as a victim of domestic violence since in doing so, she could self-apply for the green card. I eventually attempted to depose her (ask her questions to prove she lied) but she got scared and dropped her case.

Black Magic

As we were going through the divorce, I noticed something very strange. My lawyer, who the judge said was a very good lawyer, stopped responding to my emails and phone calls. We needed to file some important forms and by law, he had to do it. When I finally met with him, his behavior changed and he was defending my ex-wife instead of me, even though he was my lawyer. The thought that he could be influenced by black magic crossed my mind but I figured that probably wasn’t the case. As it turns out, I was wrong. A source of mine who has a “unique ability” was able to confirm that my ex-wife did black magic to take advantage of the divorce. A family friend who applied Ben Halima’s jinn catching ruqyah method on his cousin was able to speak to a jinn. When he asked the jinn if my ex-wife had done black magic, the jinn said she did so that she’d get her way in court. This explained why my own lawyer began doing things to benefit my ex-wife instead of me.

The End of the Third Marriage

Eventually, after spending more money than I should have (due to black magic and my ex-wife’s lies), my ex-wife (via her lawyer) and I came to an agreement to finalize the divorce. Of the three marriages, this one was the worst and most complicated. The discovery that I had a jinn follower who kept ruining my marriages, my ex-wife’s unpleasant behavior, the high probability that my ex-wife was a victim of black magic from her past in Morocco, and the fact that she did black magic during the divorce, all resulted in a completely confusing and unbelievable mess of a marriage and divorce. Till this day, her stubborn behavior is probably preventing her from realizing that she’s probably a victim of black magic from her past in Morocco. Consequently, she may never get cured and may resort to doing more black magic to fix her life which will just result in an endless cycle of problems for her.

The Cure – 2015

The Search for a Healer

Since I had proof that I had a jinn that was causing me to always get a divorce, I needed a way get rid of it. Since regular ruqyah, which my mom did to me, didn’t seem to work, I needed help from someone else. My mom was referred to a lady in Jakarta, Indonesia who came highly recommended. For security and privacy reasons, I’ll just call her Nancy. She has the unique ability to see jinn and find out what’s going on with respect to paranormal activity. Two months prior to visiting her, she looked at a picture of me and after doing what she does, told us that it would take up to 10 days for me to get cured and that I might have to shave off all of my hair.

Another Healer

In addition to Nancy, we were referred to a guy who we were told had a high-ranking army general officer jinn on his side. He also lived in Jakarta. About a month prior to flying to Indonesia, I video-chatted with him on Skype. He asked me to show him the palms of my hands. When I did, he almost instantly said that I didn’t have a jinn but rather a demon attached to me. A demon is basically a very bad jinn, possibly a descendant of Satan (Iblees). He confirmed that the demon jinn didn’t live inside my body but rather was “attached” to me from the outside. At that time, I had stopped practicing Islam so he said I needed to begin to pray again for at least 40 days in order to be cured. Determined to get cured, I began to pray again.


A few weeks prior to flying to Indonesia, Nancy asked that me and my mom recite certain verses from the Quran at night for three nights before sleeping and to report what we dreamed about. I normally don’t dream anything while sleeping but on the first night of these three nights, I had three dreams. One dream involved my 3rd ex-wife and her sister and brother-in-law. They were living in a small, high-rise apartment or condo instead of in their house. On the second night and third nights, I had one or two dreams but seemed they insignificant. My mom had some dreams but the most unusual one was a dream of my dad threatening to stab her with a plastic or rubber knife.


We flew to Indonesia and spent the first few days visiting various people and relatives. The weather was hot and humid and very much different from California weather. Other than sweating most of the time, I felt fine and healthy. In Jakarta, we rented a house about a 10 minute walk away from Nancy’s house. We had an appointment to meet Nancy for the first time. I took a bath and changed my clothes. We decided to walk to Nancy’s house. As soon as we left our house, I felt dizzy, light-headed and my body temperature was rising. My mom, aunt and cousin were walking ahead of me because I couldn’t walk fast. I told them to stop and told them I didn’t feel right. They told me to try to keep going so I did. I walked about 15 more steps and had to stop. This dizziness became worse and it was affecting my vision. I had to lean against a wall by the narrow street. I felt that if I didn’t squat or lie down, I’d faint so I squatted with my head down. I then had to lie down on the side of the street. I felt a tingling and prickling feeling in my hands as if there were a lot of ants running around inside. I told everyone that I couldn’t continue and needed to go back to our rental house to lie down in the air-conditioned room. I was in a very bad mood. My cousin got the car so we could drive with the A/C on to Nancy’s house. I got in the car, blasted the A/C, and looked at my hands wondering why they felt that way. Within 5 minutes the dizziness in my head and tingling feeling in my hands went away.

First Meeting with Nancy

Nancy’s house was in an alley too narrow for our car. We parked outside the alley and walked to her house. She had a tiny house with two rooms on the first floor – a living room which served as a waiting room and a treatment room. Nancy was treating someone and there were other people ahead of us. They told us they were there to get a massage and that Nancy was known for giving good massages. That worried me because I needed a jinn killer, not a massage. Anyway, I was too tired, hot from the heat, and still not in a good mood to do anything besides sit. We were the last patients for the day. It was around 8 PM and Nancy’s son-in-law, a healer as well with special skills who I’ll call John, came. I told everyone my experience with the three divorces and my ex-wives’ unusual behavior. John kept saying that what I experienced was not because of a jinn but just normal life. Nancy didn’t say a word. I looked at Nancy and felt that she wasn’t going to be able to help me. My mom then explained the situation to everyone with additional background information. After discussing for about 2 hours, Nancy looked at me and asked me if I could control myself and my emotions. I told her I could. She asked me again and again as if it was extremely important that I could do so. I told her that if it was a requirement to get cured, I could control myself. She then told me and everyone to go to the treatment room.

First Ruqyah Session

In the treatment room, I removed my glasses and sat on a bed. John recited ruqyah verses from the Quran while Nancy looked at different parts of my body as if she could see something no one else could see. I began to feel sleepy. She touched my back and my head and I slowly fell back and lay on the bed. My eyes were mostly closed. Nancy was pressing my toenail and fingers and doing other things I can’t remember. Sometimes she’d press really hard that it would hurt and I’d have to pull away from her. My mom said that Nancy kept pointing with her index finger as if to call the jinn or tell it to leave. She then took my right index finger and tried to straighten it in a pointing position but my finger kept curling back to its natural position. She was trying to get the jinn to take shahadah and convert to Islam but the position of my finger indicated that the jinn was stubborn. Nancy put a bit of some liquid (maybe olive oil) on my belly button. I then had to sit up again and drink what seemed like water mixed with olive oil. I then had to turn with my feet over the edge of the bed and recite Al-Fatihah and Ayat Al-Kursi. She then said that that was it for the first day and that we’d continue again on another day. I went to the living room and chatted with John while Nancy asked to speak privately with my mom in the treatment room. She said that the jinn following me was very stubborn and mean, was a jinn gang leader in the world of the jinn, and that we couldn’t rush to force the jinn away to avoid the possibility of it retaliating against me or my dad who was in the U.S. Nancy was also afraid that the jinn would control me and make me want to physically fight with my mom. My dad was asked to tell us how he felt during that time to see if the jinn had gone after him in retaliation. Luckily, he didn’t notice anything unusual.

All-Night Prayers

Unbeknownst to me, Nancy stayed up all night the first night we met her. The next day, she told my mom that the jinn following me was very dangerous and that this was a serious case. She was able to see me and my mom’s character without even getting to know us. She’s able to see this to some extent by simply looking at a picture of someone’s face. She stated that she normally doesn’t treat people who suffer from these extreme cases because it was very difficult and risky for her. Because of our positive character, she agreed to help. Every now and then, throughout the 3 weeks I was there, Nancy would stay up all night to do her thing. She normally would stay overnight in a nearby mosque but sometimes she’d be in her home. She did this as a way to communicate with the jinn and monitor what was going on with her patients.

Second Ruqyah Session

When we did ruqyah the second time, Nancy came over to our rental house. This was a double-patient ruqyah session as my cousin was there to be treated as well. I took off my glasses again and sat on a carpeted, raised platform in the living room. Nancy’s son-in-law, John, recited the ruqyah verses again. Nancy stood next to me and just looked at different parts of me. She had a spray bottle of holy water (water that she had recited Quranic verses over) in her hand. Sometimes she’d quickly spray different parts of me like my neck, arm, hand, and feet. When they were done, she looked at my eyes and said that one of them was different than the other. Neither my mom nor anyone else could tell a difference between my eyes.

After that, I chatted with John. John had grown up in Saudi Arabia and went to college in Yemen. He and Nancy told me that I was “strong” in the sense that I was able to control my mind from negative jinn influences whereas my cousin was “weak”. I didn’t know how they could know this but they were right. They asked my cousin how his sleeping was. He said that he slept fine but that he slept during the day since he worked at night. My cousin didn’t have to work at night as he works out of his home. He just chose to work at night. Nancy and John told him that he needed to reverse his sleeping pattern and sleep at night and that the jinn are awake at night. My cousin said that, no matter what, it was literally impossible for him to sleep at night like normal people. He said his efforts to do so would be futile and that he would not be able to sleep at night. It began to be clear to me that his level of determination wasn’t going to help him get cured.

I then chatted with John about black magic as I was curious how it worked. He told me that there is one book that is most popular that people use to learn black magic. I’m not mentioning it here since it is a very dangerous book. The book starts off sounding like a book that teaches you to how to attain a higher spiritual level. It then introduces you to the Arabic alphabet and numbers and puts them in a grid to make certain symbols or codes. The book ends instructing you to do things like going to a cave or mountain, sitting for long periods of time (days) surrounding yourself with specific items, and reciting certain things to be able to communicate with jinn and do black magic. There’s much more to it but those are parts I remember. He also mentioned another book the name of which, for the safety and sanity of you and everyone else, I will not mention. This second book teaches people how to attract someone to you (fake love). Since both of these books were dangerous, John returned them to the store where he bought them. The bookstore couldn’t give him a refund which is a common policy in third world countries. John didn’t care. He gave the books back to them anyway and didn’t care about the cost. He didn’t want to throw them in the garbage out of fear that he might get cursed or something like that.

The Black Vomit

Nancy pulled another all-nighter praying and doing her thing to communicate and monitor the situation with her patients. This time, she was in her home. Some time around 3 AM, she threw up a few times. She didn’t know why she threw up. She took a few pictures of the vomit on the floor but the pictures all showed up black on her phone. I’ve seen her take pictures with her relatively new Samsung Galaxy Note III phone. She gave up trying to take pictures of the vomit and just reported the story to us.

Yaasiin 41 Times

Nancy came over to our rental house again. She always brought food for us even though it should’ve been the other way around. She was becoming more of a friend who often hung out with us than a healer who would only deal with healing and the leave. I asked her and John if my jinn was affecting only my marriages or other aspects of my life. They said that the jinn was trying to affect me in any way. From my experience, the most obvious effects were to get a divorce followed by work or career opportunities. Luckily, my health was fine except for when I was a baby living in the haunted apartment in New York where I got a hernia. Nancy told me that, because of my mindset and unwillingness to succumb to the jinn’s influences, in addition to my mom’s prayers, the jinn’s effects were reduced and it would have to keep trying other ways or times to affect me. She also said that the jinn intentionally didn’t interfere with my life in an abrupt and obvious manner to lead me to believe that what was happening was just bad luck.

Nancy gave both me and my aunt homework. My aunt, apparently, was possessed as a result of black magic and had some health problems. They were to recite surat Yaasiin, the 36th chapter of the Quran and considered to be the heart of the Quran, 41 times without sleeping. That night, they began around 11 PM. My aunt fell asleep rather quickly so she said she’d take a short nap. I read surat Al Baqarah just to do something. My mom read Yaasiin all 41 times with occassional ablutions to stay awake. My aunt woke up around 1 AM and tried to read again. Shortly afterwards, she began burping every 30 seconds or so. She also couldn’t sit still. There was clearly something wrong with her. She kept reading but then she needed to throw up. She threw up several times in the bathroom but nothing came out but saliva. She never finished reading Yaasiin 41 times.

The next day, we reported to Nancy what had happened. I felt bad that Nancy and others were doing something to cure me but I didn’t have to do anything. I asked Nancy if I could to something to expedite and kill the jinn. She said I didn’t need to do anything. I told her I could try to read Yaasiin 41 times. She looked surprised and looked forward to seeing if I could do it.

Perfume Smell

My mom and I planned to read Yaasiin that night. Around 6 PM, I became worried that I wasn’t going to be able to do it or that I might get sleepy. I took a nap at 8 PM and woke up at 10:30 PM to begin. We were in the air-conditioned bedroom so that the Jakarta heat wouldn’t interfere with our focus. I sat on the bed and happened to be facing the qibla (direction to the Kaa’ba in Mecca). Reading it the first time felt like forever. For some reason, I wasn’t able to read it quickly, and became worried that I wasn’t going to be able to read it 41 times. After reading it 10 times, I needed a break and was hungry. We had coffee and eggs at around 1 AM. We then continued reading and this time around, I was able to read it much faster. I became a bit more optimistic.

At around 2 AM, my mom, while reading, stuck her hand out as if to get something from someone. It didn’t appear as if she was aware of what she was doing as she kept reading while her right hand was extended. I saw her and said, “What are you doing?” She said, “huh, oh ….”, looked confused, and pulled her hand back in and continued reading.

At around 3 AM, I noticed a pleasant smell in the air around me. It smelled like flowers. It was a very strong smell but not unpleasantly strong. It lasted for about 20 seconds. I paused, looked around, and wondered where it came from. I then continued reading as I just wanted to get the reading over with and go to sleep. At around 3:30 or so, the pleasant smell came back. Confused, I quickly looked at my mom who had been sitting and reading in the same spot all night long. She doesn’t wear perfume and I didn’t see her put any on so that couldn’t have been it.

At around 4 AM, we took another break, prayed Fajr (morning prayer), and then went back in to continue reading. My mom finished reading at around 5:30. At around 6, I smelled the perfume smell one more time. I finished reading at around 8 AM and then went to sleep. When we woke up, I asked my mom if she had smelled anything that night. She said she didn’t. I asked if she put on perfume or smelled any perfume. She said she didn’t. I went back to the room to smell the pillow and bed sheets to see if they smelled like perfume. They didn’t. I was confused.

Later that day, Nancy came to the house so I told her that I managed to read Yaasiin 41 times. She was impressed. I then told her that a few times during the reading, I noticed a temporary but pleasant smell of flowers like from perfume. I asked her what that was since I couldn’t find the source of the smell. She smiled and said … “that’s either an angel or a very pious jinn.” I smiled back and asked if I could talk to it and ask it to cure me. Nancy said I could talk to it so I planned to do so the next time I read Yaasiin 41 times again. Nancy also said that the jinn following me had temporarily left me alone.

Rain Water

One night, Nancy had planned to come over to our house again. On her way over, she brought food and rode on the back of a motorcycle taxi. It had not rained in Jakarta for a while but that night, it began to rain as she was on her way over. She told the taxi driver to quickly return to her home. When she got home, she paid the taxi driver and gave the food to him as a gift. She then quickly put out buckets to capture the rain water. The next day, she told us what had happened and said that rain water was special and was good to be used in curing.

Jinn Scratch

My aunt needed to drive back to another city for a day to take care of some business. We didn’t have any plans in Jakarta so we decided to go with her. The night before, Nancy stayed up to pray and do her thing. She wanted to know what the jinn wanted from me so she could try to convince the jinn to leave me alone. The jinn was not happy that Nancy was interfering with his job of messing with my life so the jinn scratched Nancy just above her right eye.  This occurred some time in the middle of the night. In the morning, Nancy quickly came to our house and told us we couldn’t go anywhere and that it was urgent that I go to her house for additional treatment. She told us the jinn scratched her, showed us the scratch, and told us to come over right after Dhuhr prayer (around 12:30 PM).

Hair Cut and Bathing in Sidr Leaf Water

When I got to Nancy’s house, her living room was full of around 10 people sitting and simultaneously reciting various verses and prayers. I sat with them and just watched them. This lasted for about an hour. We then gave each person a plate of food. Nancy then gave me a bunch of envelopes which I believe contained money to hand out to each person. I thanked each person and they left except for one guy who got a special envelope. He was probably the lead and the envelope probably contained more money. The people were Nancy’s religious friends from the nearby mosque she frequents. They came to pray for me to help cure me.

After everyone left, Nancy wanted to shave off all of my hair. I negotiated with her and she agreed to only cut a little bit of it. She had ground up Sidr leaves from a Lote tree and mixed it with water. I was to bathe my entire body with that water and then rinse myself with the rain water she had collected a few days earlier. I wasn’t particularly excited about this since I’m used to taking nice, hot showers, but I did it anyway. The Sidr leaf water was slimy and looked like diluted dark green mud. When I rinsed myself, the rain water was freezing cold. I quickly dried myself and got out of the bathroom. Nancy told us to bring the bit of hair she cut and bury it in my backyard at home in California when we got back.

Nancy said that the treatment was done for the time being and that it would be continued after I returned to the States. She also said that the jinn had left and gone far, far away. I told her that that was good news but I was concerned that that was just temporary and that the jinn could come back. She told me to read or listen to Surat Al-Baqarah at least once a day, read Yaasiin 41 times three times, and to fast for 3 days on the day of the week corresponding to my birthday which happened to be Sunday. She also gave me 3 roots from a special kind of tree that was hard to get and told me to plant one in soil in front of my house, attach one just above my bedroom clothes closet, and attach the third one to the side of my bed. She said that these roots served as a trap to catch the jinn if it tried coming near me. All of this was to be done when I got back to California. I told Nancy that I’d feel more comfortable if the jinn was killed considering all of the problems it caused. She told me that I’d be able to kill the jinn myself, e.g. in my dreams, and that I’d know when it would happen.

Solo (Surakarta) City

We had less than a week left in Indonesia so we all flew to a small city in central Java to visit some relatives and old friends. One of my old middle school classmates, Fehmi, had moved to the island of Borneo (Kalimantan) and had been living there for about 10 years. When I saw him, he looked much different than when we were in school. He had lost a lot of weight and there was something about his appearance that seemed off. My other friends all looked more or less the same. Apparently, Fehmi had learned how to help people with black magic and as a result of doing so, became the target of black magic from a sorcerer who originally targeted one of his patients. This particular group of friends were all, or at least they claimed to be, Ahl Al-Bayt or descendants of the prophet Muhammad’s (p) daughters (the prophet did not have any surviving sons). Nancy, John, and David, on the other hand, were also of Arab descent but they were not Ahl Al-Bayt.

Fehmi had an unusual character and spoke in an unusual way. He said he could not sleep for longer than one hour. He’d always wake up after an hour. That probably explained why he didn’t look particularly healthy. To get away from the heat in the city, we drove to a mountain called Tawangmangu about an hour away where we spent the day at a friend’s villa. There, for some unplanned reason, we began talking about black magic and the curing of it since Fehmi, apparently, had some experience. He said he could “read” people just by looking at them. Prior to arriving in Indonesia, I told him my story and that I had a jinn that was following me and ruining my marriages. I told Fehmi to read me and his response was that the jinn that was following me had left and was far, far away. I was skeptical of his claims but his response matched that of Nancy’s. Either way, it was good news.

Last Days in Jakarta

When we got back to Jakarta, we prepared for our flight back home. Nancy had not asked for a penny for her help in curing me. I gave her and her son-in-law, John, some money anyway. Nancy had given me various verses and prayers (do’as) to read for certain situations and times of the day, e.g. right before sleeping.

Back in California

When we got back to California, I had done everything Nancy asked me to do. I read Yaasiin 41 times but during each of the 5 different occasions, I didn’t notice any pleasant smell like I did when I read it in Jakarta. My roommate, Sam, was also a victim of some serious black magic and he had been learning ruqyah from my mom and Ben Halima and from doing research online. He had been curing people using a technique discovered by Ben Halima called “jinn catching”. Jinn catching is useful for times when the jinn inside a patient doesn’t want to talk. In this case, a person could serve as a jinn catcher if the following conditions were met:

  • the patient was possessed by a jinn
  • during the ruqyah session, the jinn spoke through the patient,
  • the patient has been cured and is void of jinn

The Punishment

A former patient of my mom’s and her friend, Sam (my roommate), had contacted my mom saying that her daughter was acting weird again. Several years earlier, her daughter was in a mental institution until my mom and Sam cured her from black magic. We went to their home to see what was going on. Sam and my mom tried doing traditional ruqyah on the daughter but there wasn’t any reaction. They then tried to catch the jinn using the mother’s body since she qualified as a jinn catcher. The mother, Faye, immediately reacted and had caught the jinn that was in her daughter’s body. Her voice immediately changed and she behaved erratically. I was sitting on the sofa when the jinn noticed me. She tilted her head sideways and stared at me. Her eyes got big and she pointed at me saying “I know you.” I leaned back and became worried. We asked her what she meant. She (the jinn inside Faye’s body) said that she knew me because she used to work with the jinn that had been following me all my life. My mom asked her where my jinn was. She said that he’s dead and was killed by friends (other jinn) because he ran away from me and stopped doing his job of ruining my life. She also told me to regularly dhikr every day because the other jinn may try to come after me. Considering the damage the jinn did by ruining my marriages, among other things, the punishment he received (being killed by his friends) was wholly justified. Of course, that’s not all. The jinn, according to Islam, will burn in Hell as additional punishment. I think that’s fair, at the very least.

In the End, the Truth Comes Out

Faye’s husband, Mo, was complaining about back pain. We went back to their home and did jinn catching ruqyah again using Faye as the catcher. During the ruqyah session, I asked the jinn if my 3rd ex-wife had any active black magic against me. The jinn laughed and said that we destroyed the black magic when we were in Indonesia. Maybe Nancy had unknowingly cleaned me from this black magic while she was curing me from my follower jinn. I then asked the jinn if my 3rd ex-wife had done black magic before we got married. The jinn said she did.

In the end, the truth came out and everything became clear. The jinn from New York that ruined my marriages got killed by other jinn. My 3rd ex-wife had done black magic on me prior to the wedding to make me attracted to her and to marry her so she could get the green card. Before she got her green card, the marriage didn’t work out, possibly because my jinn follower was ruining it and possibly because my 3rd ex-wife was also a victim of black magic from someone else back in her home country of Morocco. When I filed for divorce, she did black magic again to control the outcome of the divorce in her favor. Her punishment is coming …. soon …. and I’m looking forward to it 🙂

Because of everything that has happened, I became curious and felt compelled to learn more about black magic, jinn, and ruqyah. The fruits of my research is this website which hopefully will benefit you and anyone else reading it. If only I had this information in 2005, I could have saved my first marriage.


  • Of all of the bad effects black magic and jinn can have on people, it was most clear to me that the jinn was destroying my marriages. This is understandable as the destruction of marriages is the most common result of black magic and jinn. It is also specifically stated in the Quran.
  • Jinn and black magic are real, dangerous, and extremely destructive.
  • Despite having gone to Islamic schools, neither one taught me anything about jinn and black magic and how to cure yourself.
  • Despite having lived in two Islamic countries both in Asia and the Middle East / Africa, I never came across any significant mention or warning regarding black magic or jinn.
  • Early detection of black magic and jinn is critical to a quick and cheap recovery. Like with medical issues, the longer you wait to cure yourself, the more damage will be done.
  • Even if you are not a victim of black magic or jinn right now, you need to learn about the symptoms caused by them so you can detect if you are a victim early on.
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