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Destroy Black Magic


Case Studies



  • The Jinn and Human Sickness: Remedies in the Light of the Qur’aan and Sunnah [PDF | Amazon]
  • Sword Against Black Magic and Evil Magicians [PDF | Amazon]
  • The Vengeful Djinn: Unveiling the Hidden Agenda of Genies [Amazon]



  • Black Magic
  • Stories of the Prophets and Special People
    • Adam
      • The First Man
      • The Creation of Eve and the Role of Satan
      • The Descent
      • Life on Earth
      • The First Man and Modern Science
    • Noah
      • Who was Noah?
      • Noah Builds the Ark
      • The Flood
    • Abraham
      • Introduction
      • A Call to His People
      • The Iconoclast
      • His Migration to Canaan
      • The Gifting of Hagar and Her Plight
      • The Greatest Sacrifice
      • The Building of a Sanctuary
    • Lot
      • The Life and Times of Sodom
      • The Destruction of Sodom
    • Joseph
      • The Tale Begins
      • Treachery and Deception
      • Sold into Slavery
      • Beauty and a Test
      • From Prison to Palace
      • The Importance of Dreams
      • Patience Rewarded
    • Moses
      • Who is Moses?
      • Trust in God
      • Moses Flees Egypt
      • A Stranger in a Strange Land
      • Moses Hears the Voices of God
      • An Amazing Conversation
      • Magic and Illusion
      • Signs of God’s Magnificent Power
      • We Drowned Them in the Sea
      • The Ten Commandments
      • The Death of Moses
      • Lessons from the Life of Moses
    • Zachary
    • John
    • Mary, The Mother of Jesus
      • Brief Story
      • Who is Mary?
      • The Birth of Jesus
    • Jesus
      • Brief Story
      • Muslims Love Jesus Too!
      • The Messages of Jesus
      • The Disciples
      • Did Jesus Really Die?
      • People of the Book
    • Jesus and Mary in the Quran
      • Mary
      • Jesus I
      • Jesus II
    • The Ones Who Perished
      • The Fate of the People of Noah, Sheba, Iram and Salih
      • The People of Moses and Lot
    • Jonah
    • Saleh
    • Hud
    • Job
    • Shuaib
    • Jacob
    • Prophets of the Quran
      • Part 1
      • Part 2
  • Death
  • The Day of Resurrection
  • The Day of Judgment
  • Heaven
    • The absence of those things which cause grief, pain and suffering in this life.
    • The superiority of its joys and delights in comparison to this life.
    • A glance at the nature of Paradise as described in the Quran and the saying of Prophet Muhammad.
    • Conversations in Paradise and Hell
      • Talking to Angels
      • Dialogues and Discussions
      • How God Reacts to the People of the Hereafter
    • The Last Person to Enter Paradise
      • Part 1
      • Part 2
  • Hell
    • Introduction
    • Appearance
    • Food and Drink
    • Horrors (Part 1)
    • Horrors (Part 2)
  • Comparative Religion
    • Jesus
    • The Bible
    • Christianity
    • Mary
    • Judaism
    • Hinduism
    • Buddhism
    • Sikhism
    • Scientology
    • Zoroastrianism
    • Jehovah’s Witnesses
    • Taoism
    • Shintoism
    • Mormons
    • Satanists
    • Wicca
    • Unitarianism


  • Websites / Mobile Apps
    • Quran Topics
      This is a quick way to find specific topics in the Quran.
    • Quran.com (website)
      This is a clean and professionally-designed website. Unfortunately it has some bugs. It’s great for understanding the literal meaning of words. When you hover over a word, the English translation for that word appears.
    • QuranExplorer.com (website + mobile apps)
      This website is great for learning and memorizing verses. It lets you bookmark verses and repeat them multiple times.
    • Quran for Android (mobile app)
      Similar to QuranExplorer’s app and more professionally designed but unable to increase font size.
  • Books
    • The Meaning of the Holy Qur’an in Today’s English (830 pages)
      This book does a great job of giving the reader an English translation of the Quran that actually makes sense and is easy to read. It also provides simple yet valuable background information on different sections of the Quran to help understand the context of following passages.
    • Quran with Word-for-Word English Translation [website website | website |  book | PDF]
      Great for learning, understanding and memorizing the Quran (if you understand English)
    • Journey Through the Quran: An Overview of All 114 Chapters (Sharif Hasan al-Banna)
      This books does a great job of summarizing the Quran into themes and condensing it into key points so you can quickly get the big picture of what’s in the Quran.
  • Videos
  • Vocabulary and Verbs
  • QuranDictionary.net
  • English Translation
    There are many translators of the Quran into English. I personally find Yahiya Emerick’s translation to be accurate and easy to understand in today’s English. I find it particularly frustrating that many translators use old English which not only no one speaks anymore but it also doesn’t help people understand the Quran.
  • Reciter (Quran)
    There are many people who recite the Quran. I personally find that Mishary bin Rashid Al-Afasy sounds the best.
  • Reciter (English Translation)
    There are many people who recite the English translation of the Quran. I personally find that Kevan Brighting sounds the best. His recitation is based on the modern English interpretation of the translation of the Quran by Dr Muhammad Taqi-ud-Din al-Hilali and Dr Muhammad Muhsin Khan.
  • API
    Integrate the Quran into your website or build a Quran-based application using.
  • Data (JSON)
  • Audio (mp3)
    Listen to or download (mp3) Quran audio by different reciters at QuranicAudio.com.
  • Some Noteworthy Verses
  • Quran Q&A


  • Ruqyah = رقية = Incantations of Quranic verses to exorcise jinn
  • Sahaba = friends of the prophet Muhammad s.a.w.
  • Shirk = attributing a partner to Allah / praying to anything besides the single God, Allah
  • Sorcery / Black Magic =
  • Jinn = genie (plural)
  • Jinni = genie (male, singular)
  • Jinniya = genie (female, singular)
  • Prophet (saw) =
  • Dua


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