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Destroy Black Magic



The Evil Eye

The evil eye is usually caused by envy. For example, if you just bought a nice, new car or you got a new, high-paying job, and you tell someone, e.g. your friends, about it, they may envy you and inadvertently give you the evil eye. Therefore, it is advisable not to brag about and show off anything you think others may be envious of. Naturally, people around you will find out what’s going on in your life whether you tell them or not. Therefore, if you do tell them anything or they discover something good has happened to you, tell them to say “masha Allah” which means “Allah has willed it.” This explains why you hear people say “masha Allah” very often in Islamic countries.

Recite or Listen to the Quran

Unfortunately, the regular five daily prayers do not prevent black magic from affecting you. They only reduce the effect of black magic. Following are recommended things to do to help keep you safe from black magic, jinn, and the evil eye.

  • Recite Ayat Al-Kursi (The Verse of the Throne) whenever you enter or leave your home.
  • Read or listen to Surat Al-Baqarah regularly
    “Indeed, Satan flees from the house in which Surah Al-Baqarah (the 2nd chapter of the Quran) is recited.” (Al-Tirmidhi)

Prenuptial Agreement

The number one result of black magic is divorce. If you plan on getting married, make a prenuptial agreement and have your future spouse sign it in front of a lawyer who represents them. Islamic divorce law is simple. Non-Islamic divorce law, especially in California, while may have been designed in good faith, can easily be abused. Make sure the other party signs it in front of a lawyer. Apparently, if they don’t do that, they could just say they didn’t know what they were signing or lie and say they were forced. Ridiculous. I know. But apparently that’s a valid argument. While both of you may have good intentions entering into the marriage, black magic and jinn can mess you up and turn a simple divorce into a huge waste of time and money for one or both of you.

Pre-birth and Early Childhood Ruqyah

Since black magic, whether targeting a pregnant person or the fetus directly, can result in mentally-retarded children at birth or children with special needs, e.g. autism, it is advisable to do ruqyah during pregnancy and shortly after giving birth, even if just as a precautionary measure and you have no suspicion of black magic. The sooner the a child can be treated, the easier they could get cured.

Regular Ruqyah Checkups

Just like you regularly go to a medical doctor to get a checkup, it is advisable to also regularly, e.g. once a year, go to a raaqi to get checked for any possible influence from black magic, jinn, and the evil eye. You may also do ruqyah on yourself, if you can.

Learn About Ruqyah

Black magic, jinn attacks, and the evil eye are invisible problems that have very visible consequences. That makes detection much more difficult. It is highly recommended that you learn about ruqyah to help in detecting the symptoms and acting on a potential case.

The Future

Black magic, jinn and the evil eye are real and are extremely dangerous. We need to be at war with black magic practitioners and evil jinn. We must also educate ourselves and spread awareness of the reality of their existence, how to cure ourselves, and how to fight back. Some ways to increase awareness include

  • mass media PSAs (public service announcements) on TV, radio, and other advertising medium paid for by governments just like they currently do to educate the public about drugs and violence
  • updated curriculum in schools to require lessons on jinn and black magic
  • having all mosques provide information and/or services to refer or cure people who are victims of black magic, jinn and the evil eye regardless of the patient’s religion

Just like with purely medical illnesses, getting cured from black magic and jinn should be as easy as going to your local hospital. Routine checkups to detect for the presence of black magic and jinn should also be done just as we do with getting an annual flu shot.


Actions to Ward Off Jinn and Black Magic Interference

  • Increase Your Tauhid (Belief in the Oneness of Allah) and Belief That Nothing Can Hurt You Without With Allah’s Permission
  • Seeking Increased Knowledge
  • Asking God for Protection from Satan’s Evils
  • Piety in God and Follow His Commands
  • Trust in God and Only God (This is the Strongest Way to Block Magic and All Evils)
  • Giving Charity
  • Night Prayers
  • Reading the Quran, Especially Specific Verses
  • Daily Dhikr and Praying for Protection from Quran and Hadith Throughout the Day
  • Not Acting Like Satan When Eating and Drinking (Wasting Food, etc)
  • Cleaning Your Home (e.g. No Music, Bells, Human Pictures, Statues, Crosses, Talismans, Dogs)
  • Guarding Your Family, Kids and Assets
  • Practicing Optional Prayers and Deeds
  • Eating 7 Dates Can Ward Off Poison and Black Magic
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