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Destroy Black Magic


Does black magic have a real effect?

Of course! It is only by the permission of Allah, but Allah allows it to be so. Just consider the verse

“They learned from them the means to sow discord between man and wife. But they could not thus harm anyone except by Allah’s permission”  – The Cow, 2/102

Thus, black magic has an evil effect and Allah allows it to test and try people. People with little faith will sell their soul to the devil for the temptations of this world whereas believers will double strengthen their faith and efforts to beseech Allah’s relief and protection of them. Besides, if a person is under a sorcerer’s or a jinn’s control, the profit they get is the increase in their faith and his closeness to Allah.

Are we protected if we have a good practice of Islam?

Some believe that their worship and prayers protect them so they refuse to be helped by a healer. Since we do not know if our worship will protect us from Hell, how can we be sure we’ll be protected from black magic? Let’s not forget that the Prophet (p) was a victim of black magic and was cured with instructions from angels. I also know several people who are good Muslims who do all of the required things like pray 5 times a day yet they still suffered from black magic for many, many years. Therefore, the answer to this question is no. But the closer we are to Allah, the stronger our personality and attitude, and the less we will be affected and the faster we will heal. In addition, for good believers, Allah gives this trial a good end and they get great benefits from it. For others, they handle it the way they do normal life problems which doesn’t result in them getting cured.

Why do healers perform ruqyah in different ways?

This practice of roqya is based on the use of the Quran and prophetic medicine. Therefore, it allows for the discovery of better healing techniques without leaving the framework of Islam. There is a hadeeth reported by Muslim: the sahaba told the Prophet (p) “We used to practice roqya before Islam. Shall we continue?” The prophet said: “Show me your methods, there is no harm in performing roqya as long as there is no shirk”. So, do not be surprised to come across new or different ways to perform roqya as long as they do not violate Islamic law.

Can we ask jinn about the past?

Jinn can know about the past by personally knowing about a particular event or by asking Qareen jinn about a particular event that occurred in the past. For example, if you wanted to know if someone lied to you, a jinn may be able to answer that question for you. However, just like humans, jinn can lie, so you can’t believe everything they say. In terms of the legality of asking jinn about the past, I personally believe that if your intentions are good and don’t violate Islamic law, then I think it’s okay.

Can the Bible and Torah Remove Black Magic and Jinn Possession Like the Quran?

According to Islam and the Quran, the bible, book of the Christians, and the Torah, book of the Jews, are from the same God as the Quran, namely Allah. However, those books may have been altered over time so not everything currently in them came from Allah. Nevertheless, some parts of those books are from Allah and therefore those parts can be used to remove black magic and jinn possession just like the Quran.

Can I Get Cured During Ramadan?

Some people believe that they cannot be cured during Ramadan. One thing for sure is that those working with devils are technically out of work during Ramadan. People curing or being cured with the Quran have no problem do so during Ramadan. On the contrary, there is a divine mercy and blessed environment making treatment easier during Ramadan. But, curing people is more tiring during Ramadan and organization is more complicated because of meal time, preparation and night prayers.

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