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Destroy Black Magic

Background Overview


What is Jinn? What are They Like?

  • The Differences Between Jinn, Satan, and Iblees

Types of jinn

Can Humans See Jinn?

Islamic Principles Regarding Jinn and Satan

  • Belief in the Unseen
  • The Quran and Hadith as Sources of Reference Regarding the Unseen
  • God Created Jinn and Humans for One Reason: To Serve God
  • Jinn were Created from Smokeless Fire Before Humans were Created
  • Jinn also Eat and Drink Like Humans
  • Male and Female Jinn
  • Jinn also Marry and Have Offspring
  • Satan has Horns
  • Jinn are the Same as Humans Regarding Faith
  • Jinn are Afraid of Humans
  • Iblees is a Jinn that Rebels Against God’s Orders and Isn’t an Angel
  • Satan is a Name Used to Describe Rebellious Jinn and Humans as an Enemy of Faithful People
  • Jinn Can See Humans But Humans Can’t See Jinn
  • Jinn Can’t Show Themselves to Humans in Their Original Form But They Can Change Shape and Show Themselves in That Shape
  • Some Animals Can See Satan
  • Each Human Being is Followed by Two Qareens From Jinn and From Angels. Angel Qareens Always Whispers Good Deeds Whereas Jinn Qareens Always Whisper Evil.
  • Jinn Listen From The Sky
  • Satan Runs Away When It Hears The Adzan
  • It is a Sin to Ask a Jinn for Protection (e.g. for Health, Safety, Wealth, Work, etc)
  • Jinn Can Enter and Possess Humans and Flow Through Their Veins
  • Satan and Rebellious Jinn Can’t Control People Who are Faithful and Trust God
  • Satan Swears He Will Derail All of Mankind Except People Who are Sincere
  • People Who are Faithful and Who Don’t Mix Their Faith with Shirk are Guaranteed Safety and Guidance from Allah
  • Iblees Has an Army with Special Skills and Specific Jobs Including ….

Where Jinn Live

  • Markets
  • Restrooms
  • With Camels in Their Stalls
  • Homes
  • Seas
  • Holes and Cracks in the Ground
  • Deserts, Valleys, Alleyways, and Abandoned Places

Can Humans Subjugate Jinn?

Is the Quran Used to Subjugate Jinn?

Asking Jinn for Help

When Did Satan Become an Enemy of Mankind?

  • When the Seed of Jealousy Began to Grow
  • The End of the Hostility

Satan’s Hostility in the Hereafter

Jinn Enter a Human’s Body When Humans

  • Are Mad
  • Forget God
  • Lose Their Temper
  • Are Too Afraid

Opening Satan’s Door

Types of Jinn Interference

Satan Deceives Humans to

  • Make Humans Go to Hell
  • Sadden Believers
  • Spread Hostility and Hatred Among Believers
  • Prevent People from Remembering God and Praying

Satan’s Goals

  • Long Term Goals
  • Short Term Goals

Signs That a Human is a Victim of Black Magic and Jinn


Black Magic

Black Magic Definition

  • Language
  • Terminology

Proof that Black Magic Exists

  • Quran
  • Sunnah

How to Recognize a Black Magic Sorcerer

Characteristics of a Black Magic Sorcerer

How a Sorcerer Summons Jinn

Islamic Law Regarding Learning and Teaching Black Magic

Islamic Law Regarding Doing Black Magic

The Difference Between Karomah and Black Magic

  • Karomah is From God, Black Magic is From Satan
  • Karomah Can’t be Learned, Black Magic Can be Learned
  • Karomah Can’t be Transferred; Black Magic Can be Transferred
  • Karomah Can’t be Willed Away, Black Magic Can be Willed Away
  • Karomah Can’t be Demonstrated; Black Magic Can be Demonstrated
  • Karomah Can’t be Predicted When It Will Come; Black Magic Can Be Adapted to One’s Desires
  • Karomah Doesn’t Happen Repeatedly;  Black Magic Can Happen Repeatedly
  • Karomah Only Happens to Pious People; Black Magic is Done By Hypocrites and Disbelievers
  • Karomah Can’t Be Bought and Sold; Black Magic Can be Bought and Sold

Types of Black Magic

  • Magic That Affects Feelings (Psychiatric)
  • Magic for Supernatural Strength
  • Magic That Deceives the Eye Without Using Tricks or Fast Hand Movements
  • Magic That Interferes With a Part of One’s Body
  • Magic That Causes Severe Medical Problems With Many Oddities
  • Magic That Causes Animosity and Divorce
  • Magic That Predicts Destiny

Goals of Black Magic

  • To Separate a Couple / Husband and Wife (Sihr Tafreeq)
  • To Make Someone Love You (Sihr Al-Mahabbah)
  • To Hypnotize Someone (Sihr Takhyil)
  • To Make Someone Crazy (Sihr Junun) or Cause Stress (Sihr Khumul)
  • To Make Someone Sick (Sihr Tamridh)

Treating Black Magic

  • Prevention
  • Finding Where the Magic Was Buried
  • Treatment Using Ruqyah

Tips to Shield Yourself From Satan

  • Asking Protection From Allah
  • Reading Mu’awidzatain (Al-Falaq and An-Naas)
  • Reading Ayat Al-Kursi
  • Reading Surat Al-Baqarah
  • Reading the End of Surat Al-Baqarah
  • Reading the Beginning of Surat Al-Mu’min
  • Recite a Special Saying 100x
  • Do a Lot of Dhikr to Allah
  • Wudhu (Ablution) and Pray
  • Refrain from Excessively Looking, Speaking, Eating, and Conversing with Strangers

How People First Learned Black Magic

The 4 Ways Black Magic is Sent to a Victim

Elements Used in Black Magic Symbols

Multiple Black Magic

Big Mistakes

Varying Effects of Black Magic

Evil Eye

Evil Eye Facts

The Evil Eye According to Salaf

Proof of the Influence of the Evil Eye

Specialists’ Sayings Regarding the Influence of the Evil Eye

Humans are Affected by the Evil Eye From Jinn & Vice Versa

  • Non-Muslims Can Also Get Affected
  • Warding Off the Evil Eye
  • How to Ward Off the Evil Eye

How to Cure From the Evil Eye

  • Bathing Instructions
  • Burn Alum Stone and Specific Plants Allowing the Smoke to Flow Over One’s Body

When are People Easily Affected by the Evil Eye

  • Characteristics of an Evil Eye Victim

Some Illnesses Caused by the Evil Eye

How to Know Who Caused the Evil Eye

If You are Afraid That You May Give the Evil Eye to Someone


What is Jinn Possession?

Shariah-Based Facts That Possession is Real

  • Facts from the Quran
  • Facts from Hadith
  • Facts from Common Sense

Signs That One is Affected by Black Magic or Jinn

  • When Unconscious (Sleeping) Like …
  • When Conscious (Not Sleeping) Like …
  • Visible Signs of Black Magic in a Home

Why Can Satan Control Humans?

  • Kufr and Shirk
  • Forgetting Remembrance of Allah
  • Seeking Protection to Jinn and Their Descendants
  • Making Jinn as Their Guardian (Helper)
  • Obeying Jinn and Following Their Steps
  • Having a Hard and Sick Heart
  • Committing Sins
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